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AIWC Wrestling

Amateur Independant Wrestling Circuit
Welcome to AIWCLucha.freeservers.com. This is one of the sites you can check out (for the others, check out the links page) for information, pics, and other stuff on the AIWC, the premier backyard wrestling fed in Fillmore, CA.

AIWC Hell Night 2000
AIWC Hell Night 2000: The Battle For The Future
Friday The 13th, October, 2000
5 p.m.
AIWC Arena - 968 4th Street in Fillmore, CA

AIWC World Title Match
"Celtic Crippler" Colm Fitzgerald(c) vs. Big Daddy A

King of The Death Match
Barbed Wire, Flaming Tables Match
One-Chew-Tree Kid(c) vs. Slick Ric

Number 1 Contender for World Title
2 Out of 3 Falls
Superstar Kekoa vs. Reckless Rogelio

Tag Team Title Match
Westside Connection(Slick Ric and "Badass" Brian K.)(c) vs. La Caca Del Gato/Paco Loco

Lightweight Title Match
"Lionheart" Mikey Edwards(c) vs. La Caca Del Gato

Patgas, "Pubwrecker" Paul, Asylum, Black Death, Red Dawn, Midnight, Repo Man, Earthquake, Sgt. Shithead, Yokozun-A, and many more!!!

Visit the AIWC Message Board!!!